Horizon Construction is Rwanda’s leading local construction company that focuses on infrastructure development. This includes: road construction, housing, energy and water resources and construction equipment. The company also produces its own construction material. Created in 2007, Horizon Construction has some of the best state of the art construction equipment in Rwanda. Key projects include national landmarks such as the Kigali Public Library, Ubumwe road and the Bugesera irrigation dyke, to name a few.


Horizon Logistics is involved in peacekeeping logistics, leasing equipment and clearing and freight forwarding. It specializes in third party handling and transportation of goods, specifically in crisis areas. The company was created in November 2008 to meet the growing demand for clearing and logistic services for security organs in Rwanda and other peacekeeping mission areas in the region. Horizon Logistics is located in Kigali, and its operations extend to South Sudan and the Central African Republic.


Horizon SOPYRWA is involved in production, processing and exporting of pyrethrum. Officially established in 2008, its factory produces 3,000 tons of dry flower capacity per annum and processes over 10% of global production of pyrethrum pale extract. The company exports this pyrethrum pale extract mainly to US and European markets. It is currently expanding its market base to include Asia, Canada and South America. Horizon SOPYRWA is located in Musanze – Northern Rwanda – where the volcanic soils, high altitudes and favourable distribution of rainfall are conducive to growing pyrethrum.

Horizon Group is also Involved in a number of Joint Venture Partnerships that complement existing Business entities through forward or backward linkages.


AgroPy: AgroPy Ltd: Was established in 2011 in Musanze, Northern Province, Rwanda.  AgroPy Ltd benefits from having refined top quality Pyrethrum Pale Extract locally available from Horizon Group’s subsidiary SOPYRWA. AgroPy’s modern manufacturing facilities produce both liquid and powder products which have a key part to play in Integrated Pest Management IPM and organic programmes. Such products allow farmers to supply clean food produce which leads to a healthier population. AgroPy also supplies consumer and public health pesticides for the control of flies, mosquitoes and crawling insect pests. Since 2012, AgroPy Ltd has received attestation by ECOCERT under European Union regulations EC No. 834/2007 & 889/2008 for Pyrethrum 5EW. This product is of huge benefit to coffee farmers in the control of the Antestia Beetle. Organic insecticides allow farmers to benefit from the opportunity to supply organic produce at premium prices.


S&H Industries Ltd was founded in July 2013. It is the first manufacturer of stone-coated steel roofing tiles in Rwanda and one of the few manufacturers in Sub-Saharan Africa. The company was formed in a Joint venture between Sisay Investment Ltd, an Ethiopian company and Horizon Group Ltd.

Sisay Investment has over 30 years of experience in the production of stone-coated roofing material. The partnership brings Rwanda numerous benefits including technology and skills transfer, reduced importation of roofing material and job creation.

The company’s product brand name is “Hippo,” which it uses for all types of its roofing tiles including stone-coated tile, Hippo Classic and Hippo Shingle. Hippo stone-coated steel roofing tiles are made of a high quality aluminum-zinc alloy steel which is coated with world class Italian stone granules by using state of the art technology and full set of automated coating line from South Korea. The automated coating line and the high temperature S&H Industries uses in making the tiles ensures the durability of the tiles and maintained aesthetic value for over 50 years.

S&H Industries aims to deliver world class roofing solutions to all its valued clients across the Region. Our team of highly competent professional ensures that a roof is not only done but done to the expectations of our clients who we view as the most important part of our legacy.


AfriPrecast was founded in 2015 following partnership with Millenial Group and Horizon Group for the production of pre-cast concrete materials.

In recent years, the construction sector in Rwanda has shown significant growth. Having been responsible for much of the continuous rise in Gross Domestic Product (GDP) over the past decade, there is confidence in AfriPrecast’s potential to further the sector and its associated industries. The introduction of pre-cast technology to Rwanda’s construction industry came at a time when both the private and public sectors were seeking faster and more reliable ways of putting in place physical infrastructure.

Pre-cast concrete, particularly hollow core flooring construction, has a number of distinct advantages including improved speed of construction, quality control and lighter floors. Contractors, building owners, and realtors know that a building constructed of concrete products is more marketable and has a higher resale value.

Limited local usage of pre-cast concrete has largely been due to lack of awareness and limited supply. 

AfriPrecast aims to change this, based on increased demand for fast-tracked construction projects in Rwanda and neighboring countries.

Horizon SOPYRWA is involved in production, processing and exporting of pyrethrum. The company processes over 10% of global production of pyrethrum pale extract.

S&H Industries are the premier manufacturers of beautiful and durable Stone Coated Roofing Tiles in Rwanda under the Hippo Brand