Giving back

Horizon Group is committed to improving the communities in which the company operates both through the creation of jobs and corporate social responsibility initiatives.

By working with skilled partners, the Group is improving lives in ways that support Rwanda’s sustainable development agenda and society more broadly.

This work is driven forward by Group’s vison statement: “To build a strong future for Rwanda through investments that deliver value, social impact and prosperity.”

The vision can be achieved by combining day-to-day business with activities that give back to society. In doing so, the Group is having a significant impact and improving lives through enduring partnerships for sustainable development, whilst also adding immense value to communities it operates.

The Group has aligned its corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) model to reinforce national programmes that create wealth and self-reliance.

To ensure optimum impact and sustainability, our CSR strategy focuses on three major pillars;

  • Welfare improvement
  • Economic augmentation
  • Health care.

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