Looking forward

Horizon Group CEO

At Horizon Group, we embrace a culture of integrity and hard work. We understand that there is more to making profits. Our incubation of local businesses is because we believe that they are connected to Rwanda’s social fabric and natural environment that surrounds it.

The difference between us and purely profit-motivated companies is that we actually invest in project start-up costs to show the way forward, and demonstrate our commitment to developing Rwanda. The fact that Horizon Construction was the first local company to invest in asphalt road recycling technology and bring it to the local market, is testament to this. We are very concerned with building infrastructure and not destroying the environment. I look forward to the day that green living shall be embraced by Rwandans.

Bolstered by the experience we have garnered in pyrethrum farming over the last few years, we plan on expanding our markets to Asia, Canada and South America. We will also strengthen our presence in current markets, and ensure that the quality pyrethrum Rwanda grows is known across the globe.

Over time, we have positioned ourselves as specialists in the logistical movement of goods in crisis areas. Our logistical support to Rwandan peacekeeping work in South Sudan and more recently – the Central African Republic will continue. In addition, we plan to direct new activities back here at home. We aim to specialize more on warehousing, leasing equipment and trade representation for large equipment that is not commonly stocked in Rwanda.

Our continuous growth and improvement would not be possible without the people behind the scenes – the people who make it happen. The professionalism and dedication of our teams has enabled synergy and flexibility in management, allowing us to effectively respond to our clients and give them the competitive edge they require.


For us, the sky is the limit.

Chief Executive Officer,  Horizon Group Limited