Horizon Group has three subsidiary companies and three joint ventures operating in various sectors of Rwanda’s economy and contributing to the country’s socio-economic transformation. These include construction and infrastructure development, agri-business and logistics. As the Group works in these sectors, it prioritizes investment into research and development and technologies for new ways of doing business


Horizon Group plays an important role in contributing to Rwanda’s development. The company does this by maintaining strong collaborative ties with key stakeholders in the construction, industry, services, manufacturing, and agribusiness sectors. Operations undertaken by the Group’s subsidiaries and joint-ventures in these sectors have grown over the last decade, as the company aims to improve service delivery and exceed client expectations.

A key feature of Horizon Group is to contribute to national transformation by undertaking investments with a focus on creating value through sustainable models. This approach is at the heart of everything the company does, with a deliberate emphasis on enabling Rwandan citizens to adapt to and adopt, eco-friendly living.

At Horizon Group, quality comes first. We are constantly looking for better and more innovative ways to deliver our products and services. We keep our clients in mind at all times and strive to meet and exceed their expectations by delivering world-class outcomes.


To build sustainable and profitable organisations that contribute to the growth and development of Rwanda and the region.


To build a strong future for Rwanda through investments that deliver value, social impact and prosperity.